51 College Road

Project type: Multi-apartment building complex 

Client: Barratt London

Period: 2017-2019

Companies: Skonto plan, Skonto Concrete Cladding

Country: Great Britain

Total amount of the contract: €19 million

Description of the project
51 College Road is a multi-apartment building project in London's historic district Harrow on the Hill. The rich district is characterized by restaurants and a wide range of concept stores, which alternate with the historic architecture. The aim of the project is to become a model for combining public space, societal needs with high-quality architecture. Buildings are arranged by height to respect the landscape, reaching 20 floors in the highest place. The highest part of the building is in the middle and on the sides, the buildings turn lower until they remain at the same level as the buildings from the adjacent territories, thus fitting in evenly in the panorama of the district. Energy-efficient and nature-friendly materials have been chosen to construct the buildings. The project also includes a large public space with restaurants, cafés, a children's playground and splendid plantations. The project also provides a place for organizing cultural events, such as art exhibitions, shows and the market. The project boasts of a 1469 m2 central library, equipped with conference and co-creation facilities. There are also special library facilities for children.
The main task of ‘Skonto Plan’ in this project was the design, manufacture and assembly of aluminum glazed structures, balcony railings, SFS, RWP, GRC and aluminum facade cladding. In parallel to the assembly process, changes were also made in the design to improve the passive fire protection solutions of the building that are designed to prevent uncontrolled spread of fire. 51 College Road was a large and diverse project, which the Skonto Plan team managed to implement in the highest quality and within the set deadlines.