Project Type: Engineering structure

Client: Rīgas Enerģija Ltd

Investment: New building, technological equipment assembly, construction of utilities

Time: 2016-2017

Company: LEC

Country: Latvia

Project description

LEC is carrying out construction of a biofuel cogeneration plant with electrical capacity of 4.4 MWe and thermal capacity of 20 MW. The company is managing the full range of works: building construction along with the design, installation of the technological equipment, including the boiler, construction of heating mains, power cables and other utilities, start-up and putting into operation of the cogeneration plant.
The project is taking place in Vestienas Street, Rīga, so in the work process there are obstacles related to the limited territory, existing buildings and location of the engineering networks.
In the cogeneration plant, there is installed 24 MW power boiler, made by Danish company Justsen Energiteknik, with the efficiency of 88.11%; by burning the wood waste the water will evaporate. Steam produced will be fed into the steam turbine, made by Romanian company General Turbo; it will drive the electric generator, thus generating electricity.
All the above means that LEC has to ensure efficient information exchange between all the participating parties, and to resolve a number of technical issues – organisation of supply and installation of bulky and heavy equipment, using mobile cranes of high lifting capacity. The client is satisfied with LEC work quality, pace, and work culture.
The new biofuel cogeneration plant is planned as an alternative heat and power production station in Riga, which will reduce emissions, will allow for more efficient use of fuel, to achieve lower energy production costs, to reduce heat losses and in case of local fuel use, to promote regional development.