Project Type: Residential buildings, commercial buildings

Client: Barratt London

Investment: Facade design, production, delivery, installation

Time: 2016-2017

Company: Skonto Plan

Country: United Kingdom

Project description

On the south bank of the River Thames there is an ambitious multi-storey building with 135 apartments and 618 m2 of commercial premises. The awarded architect Patel Taylor developed this project, being inspired by the flow. It shows on the outer facade of the building, where each floor is turned for about two degrees, creating an effect of a curvature and a continuous flow.
Despite the complex architectural appearance of the building, Skonto Plan smoothly carried out the design, manufacture, delivery, and assembly of the glass facades with the total area of 8500 m2, balcony railings and metal visors. The negative impact on the façade constructions of the deformation of coverings was resolved, and an internal rainwater drainage system was integrated in the façade construction.