Project type: Public buildings

Client: Latvian Ministry of Culture

Investment: Construction of the building foundations, bearing structures, facades, and interior work

Time: 2008-2014

Companies: Skonto Būve, Skonto Plan

Country: Latvia

Project description

The main building of the Latvian National Library, the Castle of Light, is one of the most iconic buildings in Riga's architecture today. Its author is the world-renowned architect Gunārs Birkerts. It was a great honour to participate in such an ambitious project. Skonto Būve took part in the construction of both the main LNL building and the multifunctional technical building. For every task Skonto Būve developed detailed work drawings, which were coordinated with the architect.
The construction of pile foundation, aluminium and glass facades and load-bearing metal structures was carried out in cooperation with Skonto Plan. Schüco, manufacturer of facade profile systems, specifically for this project designed and produced around 15 new types of profiles. To make sure that results are not only attractive, but also safe and sustainable, the facades were laboratory-tested in in Germany, and the points of interconnection of skylights and roofing were tested in Italy. To select the best facades and glazing colour combinations, a separate concrete model building was built in Riga.
Skonto Būve carried out a series of interior works, including masonry and plasterboard works, and construction of glazed aluminium frame partitions, as well as installation of heating and air conditioning systems.
Skonto Plan manufactured and installed stainless steel finishing parts and stair railings. Also the roof windows, skylights, stainless steel sun visors and the monumental letters "Latvian National Library" is the result of thorough work by Skonto Plan.
A particular challenge for Skonto Būve staff was the complex air-conditioning system - for more efficient performance of the building’s cooling system a separate pipeline network was built, connecting the main building of LNL with the infrastructure building and the River Daugava, using the river water. Skonto Būve oversaw the installation of the technical building’s facade, windows, doors, roof, as well as ventilation, gas extinguishing, water supply and drainage systems.
«Skonto Būve has proved itself as a serious and qualified construction company, which uses modern and advanced materials and technologies. Skonto Būve staff demonstrated their ability to carry out works professionally, accurately, quickly and efficiently", commented the completion of the project Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, which commissioned the building of the LNL.